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Aluminum frames first appeared in Greece in the 60's. The evolution in the technology of production of aluminum profiles (sections), the possibility of construction of complex sections and the ingenuity in the field of systems design contributed to their rapid spread.

The safety of the constructions and the quality requirements, the needs of use and the aesthetic appearance led to the design of integrated aluminum frames, the well-known "systems", which combine suitable aluminum profiles, special components, operating mechanisms, glazing and waterproofing materials. Today, aluminum systems dominate the frames as they circulate in the market in a wide variety and combine appropriate technical characteristics that are fully harmonized with the climatic conditions of our country.

In fact, aluminum has been established as the most ideal material for the construction of windows in our country and is preferred by 75% of consumers thanks to the undoubted advantages it offers in relation to other materials. This is because aluminum does not react seriously to climate and temperature changes unlike wood which causes corrosion and PVC which becomes more brittle at low temperatures and more flexible at high temperatures. It is also more resistant to deformation and does not require reinforcement such as plastic frames. The thinnest and most elegant aluminum frames give larger glass surfaces without reducing their strength and rigidity as they are made using extruded profiles. The aluminum systems are certified by ECO Certificazioni and QUALICOAT (European control bodies).

Summarizing the basic properties of aluminum frames are the following:
It is a metal with resistance to many forms of corrosion, so it ensures greater durability and additional low cleaning requirements.
Ideal for any architectural construction from simple light applications to robust constructions of high requirements.
Aluminum frames in combination with the appropriate components offer high levels of sound insulation and thermal insulation and water permeability.
Aluminum frames are offered in a wide variety of colors covering all requirements
Non-toxic and 100% recyclable.