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We build iron roofs to meet the needs of protection from the weather, to create shading but also to upgrade the aesthetics of the building. We can place them in iron roofs, at the entrances of houses, on balconies, on terraces or parking lots, but also in yards to cover the car garage.

Iron doors and barred doors
We install metal doors in buildings, warehouses, garages, apartment buildings, business premises and shops. They are manufactured in many designs and sizes, with high-strength materials and according to the needs of the use you prefer. We manufacture insole type gates, gates, sliding or opening, single-leaf or double-leaf. Railing doors can be electric or manual.


Balcony and terrace railings
On the balconies and on the terraces we place railings made of iron and for reasons of protection and aesthetics. An imperative task is to replace them as physical damage occurs over the years.
We manufacture Metal Doors and Metal Windows for every use, indoor and outdoor. We also manufacture all kinds of metal Entrance Doors, Patio Doors, Sliding or opening Garage Doors, Store Doors, Warehouse Doors and Boiler Room Doors.
An iron structure can include from a small metal structure, to a metal frame of an entire house. The advantages are many that are given by the iron constructions, as the main one is the durability in time but also the safety and they are a specialized work. The design, construction and installation should be done by specialized and experienced craftsmen of our workshop.


Metal Stairs
The construction of a metal staircase requires detailed study to provide the necessary safety and functionality. The metal stairs concern both indoor and outdoor areas. The Ladder made of Iron is made of iron or steel and its design can be shaped in any shape, depending on the requirements of the space to be installed. The construction for the external stairs is made of galvanized iron to withstand the weather.


Metal lofts
The construction of a metal loft is an ideal solution to save space in homes but mainly in commercial stores. The construction of a metal loft from Iron Making is an immediate, safe and economical solution. The design of the construction will be based on the weight that is intended to lift, the space and the appearance that you prefer. The floor of the metal loft can be tiled, wood. laminate and depending on the stress intended. At the bottom of the Ironwork can be placed to cover drywall.